Our Story

New Hope started back in 1987 as a home Bible study in Easton Massachusetts with just a few families. But soon the house was full, and then our first office space got too small, and then we outgrew our first building and needed to add on to it! The simple ingredients of a love for Jesus Christ, deep study of The Bible, practical helping and loving one another, and lots of laughter are what God has used to start our church family and to keep it growing! We have been an "experiment" all along, and continue to grow in our understanding of what Christian community can be. We're not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but we're so blessed that God planted us and has helped us to continue grow in Him!

In 2022 God presented us with an amazing challenge and opportunity...to sell our building and relocate to downtown Tauton and renovate and restore an old 1930's J.C Penny to be our new hub of ministry and outreach! We had barely survived the pandemic, but God kept providing miraculous confirmations and blessings...so we took the leap of faith! Today we are still working on construction and renovation, and God is still continuing to bless us beyond our wildest imaginations! Nothing is impossible with God!

Our church is built on a foundation of powerful prayer, genuine relationships, faithful teaching of the inspired Word of God, and lives of active faith in Jesus Christ. It has truly been a place of hope…a place where hearts have been healed, and a place where people have been discipled to know God and love Him. Our motto is “people helping people to help people”, so come join us in seeking God's love, and sharing it with those around us!

Our Pastor

Pastor Dave Stratton

Our Mission Direction Team

Pastor Dave & Michelle Stratton
Jane Creamer
Brendon & Nicole Shea
Steve Hedges
Mikayla Carreno
Danny Lee

Our Finance Team

Jane Creamer
Jim Kipp
Ian Macomber
Hal Gershman

Our Music Team

Devin Davies
Mikayla Carreno
Hope Shanley
Pastor Dave & Elouise Stratton
Kate Green
Our Beliefs


What more can we say about Jesus?! He is the perfect, sinless, Son of God, God in human form, born miraculously of a virgin, crucified for our sins, resurrected for our hope, and the source of our faith by God’s grace! There’s never been anyone like Him, and we owe Him our eternal gratitude and are excited to spend the rest of our lives following in His footsteps and living by His Spirit!


This amazing, inspired, inerrant, cohesive, consistent source of God’s truth and revelation…what other book could compare?! The Word of God is our rock, our foundation, our source of truth, our instruction, and our encouragement as we seek to walk with God each and every day!


We recognize our sinfulness from birth, our need for God’s help, our limited wisdom, our failings, and we know it would take an act of God to make something beautiful out of us…and yet He does! His undeserved favor (Grace) is something we could never earn, and never repay Him for. His justice and holiness combined with His mercy and patience, this is basis of our faith and salvation, and our reason for Hope!


Humans are not made to be alone, and Christians are likewise made to be together! Without Christian fellowship there can be no encouragement, no confession, no support, no shared wisdom, no shared resources, no shared joy, no mutual submission, no unity, and no partnership! Jesus established the church as His body, powered by His Spirit, to continue His work here on earth!

Full Statement of Faith